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just right for me

almost perfect except if there is refresh function so that I do not have to close and reopen an updated file.

lightweighted and useful

Nothing fancy but just what I need for hex editing.

It needs a header row in hex 00 - 0F and hex row prefix

I *really* wish it had an option to display a hex column header on the top row and first column. Like this 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 … 0F 10 20 30 And maybe a decimal option for the header too! Thank you for a good app!

Very good tool

I use it a lot. Thanks for the fullscreen mode. I’d like to see : - a fixed width in fullscreen mode defined to 32 or 64 bytes. - a persistant view mode (in preferences for example) - hability to always have offset in hexadecimal. Thanks for this great free tool.

Totally fine.

Does what it says. No clutter, no ads, no fat - just how I like my dev tools.

A very useful app

iHex helped me out of a jam. With it, I could easily edit out of my html markup a bunch of invisible characters inserted by the evil Microsoft Word.

Great little hex editor

Was looking for a hex editor, found this one. It was free. It works great. Thanks Li

Good free tool

iHex has all the essentials for a hex editor and gets the job done. I only wish it would persist some settings between launches such as the window size and the editing mode (read only, overwrite or insert).

it works and it is free

nothing to say more

Just what I needed!

I often collect high resolution album art scans and the like. After doing a day of collecting I realized that in the process of renaming the files I was truncating the file extensions without realizing it. Oops! I hopped onto the App Store and found this fantastic piece of software. After looking up the file signatures for jpg and png, I was able to successfully give all my files the correct extensions with ease. In fact, I also fixed up a few files that were uploaded with the wrong extension to begin with! I didn’t use any of the advanced features, but if you’re in a similar situation as me I would highly recommend this software. HOWEVER! This is indeed not much more than a copy-paste of Hex Fiend, and from what I can tell it does not abide by or acknowledge the two-clause BSD license. It’s so, so simple to follow it and the license gives a lot of freedom. Uunfortunately the author did not bother to give the slightest amount of acknolwedgement to the original creator(s). I would not recommend downloading this unless for whatever reason you do not have a choice in the matter.

Fast, very detailed file report info, no regex, no export.

This app is fast, very fast. It can find and replace, but seems like you can’t use regular expressions. It gave me more details about the file than anything I’ve used before. I hope that author will add export to txt file, right now you can only print the file info to PDF, so this feature is preatty much useless.

A blatant ripoff of Hex Fiend

The developer has just taken the code for the open source Hex Fiend and repackaged it as his own.

Great Tool

Great hex editor that super easy to use and met all my expectations.

Does what I need and does it well.

The program works well. Have not found a file I couldnt open yet. Has a lot of features I may not use. It supports older OS which I need. Has not crashed yet!

Great hex editor

Very great and useful. They have earned it!

Rip off of Hex Fiend! Don’t support this “developer”.

Please check out Hex Fiend. Look at other reviews other than mine - It’s a copied and repackaged version of their software. Please don’t use this. I’ll be reporting this software.


simple, intuitive, free… what more can you ask for!

Ripped off open source without attribution

On the one hand, it’s nice to see an easily accessible hex editor in the Mac Store. On the other hand, all this app has done is take the BSD open source code for Hex Fiend, compiled it, *removed the attribution and copyright and any acknowledgement of the author*, and posted it here. But pointing to their own web site. They even directly copied the marketing points verbatim from the open source project. Please don’t reward this type of behavior.

good, doesn’t interpret windows el

The app is good. It shows hex. But in one case I found that it did not interpret windows end of lines x’0a0d as end of lines. Maybe it’s a mac editor so it shouldn’t but it didn’t.

Free + No Hassle

Love it !

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